• Rivers in Toyohashi City, Aichi, URL:, address: Toyohashi City, Aichi
    site title: Toyohashi City Rivers Live Camera, 18 cameras in the City, Click the camers in the map. (1) Yagyu River, Maeda Minami-machi, (2) Yagyu River, Muroichima-cho, (3) Yamasaki River, Kakinoki, Aza, Osaki-cho, (4) Muro Iriigation Water, Azumada-cho, (5) Muro Irrigation Water, Maeda-cho, (6) Megane River, Ushikawa-dori, (7) Oihote Drainage, Ushikawa-cho, (8) Higashiyama Drainage, Oiwa-cho, (9) Toochika Drainage, Nishimiyuki-cho, (10) Momoike Pond, Hamamichi-cho, (11) Hamaike Pond Shisen Drainage, Nishimiyuki-cho, (12) Umeda River, Nishi Takashi-cho, (13) Uchihari River, Komagata-cho, (14) Kamida River and Shimizu  River, Oitsu-cho, (15) Shioya Drainage, Funato-cho, (16) Kaichuu Drainage, Komagata-cho, (17) Egawa River, Yokosuka-cho and (18) Jikken and Nijukken River
  • Tokai City, Aichi, URL:, address: Tokya City, site title: Masuo Home Page, camera title: Hirugano Camera
  • FM Aichi, Nagoya City, Aichi, URL:, Site title: FM Aichi 80.7, camera title: STUDIO CAMERA, NOW ON AIR, view of the studio of broadcasting
  • Ise Bay, Tahara City, Aichi, URL:, address: Furuyama, Irako-cho, Tahara City, Aichi, site title: Ise Bay Traffic Advisory Service Center, camera title: Live Camera Field Mustard (yellow) and Live Camera Hawk (red)
  • National Highway, Nagoya City, Aichi, URL:, site title: Nagoya National Highway Office, camera title: Road Live Camera, four cameras, from the left (1) National Highway No.153, Akikawa-cho (2) National Highway No.153, Asuke-cho, Gunkai Bridge, National Highway No.153, Odagi-cho and (4) National Highway No.153, Onobuchi Tunnel Iida
  • Rivers, Kita Nagoya City, Aichi, URL:, address: Kita Nagoya City, Aichi, site title: Kita Nagoya City, camera title: River Surveillance Camera, five cameras, from the top, (1) Gojo River and Hirose Bridge, (2) Gojo River, (3) Mizuba River and Nagata, (4) Kamoda River and Kamoda Bridge and (5) Shinkawa River, Densha River and Drainage Machine
  • Aichi Kita FM, Inuyama City, Aichi, URL:, address: NishiKoken, Inuyama City, Aichi, site title: Studio in the Town, Aichi Kita FM Broadcasting 84.2MHz, camera title: USTREAM MOBILE LIVE
  • Kiso River, Aichi, URL:, address: Kiso River Basin, Aichi
    site title: Upstream Kiso River Office, camera title: Kiso River, the top section, 11 cameras (1) Minokamo City
  • Kiso River, Aichi, URL:, address: Aisai City, Aichi
    site title: Kiso River Downstream Office, camera title No.3 : Kiso River left bank Tokai Bridge, Kyubu-cho, Aisai
    City, Aichi
  • Nagoya Port Aquarium, Aichi, URL:, address: Minato-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, site title: Comyufa Hikari Aquarium, Nagoya Port Aquarium  camera title, from the top, (1) Main Pool, (2) Underwater viewing window, (3) sea turtle aquarium, (4) Penguin aquarium, (5) Dolphin pool, (6) Beluga, (7) Japan Current aquarium and (8) Coral Reef sea
    Click the Japanese menu titles in the left side of the site.


Aichi Prefecture Tourism Information

The prefectural capital is Nagoya City. The population of the prefecture is about 7.4 million people, and the population of Nagoya City is about 2.2 million people. It was the former “Owari country” and “Mikawa country”. The prefectural land is 106km from east to west and 94km from north to south, and the area of the prefectural land is 5,163 square km, and 42% of the land is forest. It is the land that produced the warlords such as Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. There are a number of large companies, including Toyota, and it is the industrial prefecture that has been the national first place for many years in product shipments. The specialty products of the prefecture are “Uiro (sweet rice jelly)”, “Kishimen (flat wheat noodles)”, “Miso-katsu (pork cutlets with miso sauce)”, “Hatcho-miso”, “Moriguchi-duke (pickles)” and “Ebi Senbei (shrimp crackers)”. The local cuisines include “Hitsumabushi”, which is mixed with rice and minced grilled eel, and “Misonikomiudon (wheat flour noodles with miso soup)”, wehat flour noodles in soup of Hatcho miso with small pieces of bonito.


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