• Kirishima volcano / Live information of Kirishima volcano, Miyazaki office of River and National Highway
  • Kobayashi City (currently unavailable) / Kobayashi District (Kobayashi City Hospital), Sugi District (Skimland Otsuribashi Bridge), Nojiri District (Nojiricopia Melon Road), Kobayashi City Hall
  • Miyazaki / Miyazaki Florante Park (atrium garden, garden panoramic view, cityscape sample garden), Video streaming content Miyazaki
  • Miyazaki / Phoenix Zoo, 3083-42 Shioji, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki 880-0122, “Video streaming content Miyazaki”
  • Miyazaki City / Oyodo River from Miyazaki City Hall, 1-1-1 Tachibanadori Nishi, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki 880-0001, “Video streaming content Miyazaki”
  • Miyazaki City / River Yodo (Oyodo-gawa), River Omaru (Omaru-gawa), Miyazaki office of River and National Highway
  • Miyazaki City / Assistyou Ltd., 1401-30 Maehama, Shin Beppu-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki 880-0834, Latest recorded video demo camera, “Monitoring mix, Mobile Internet Camera System”
  • Miyazaki City / Miyazaki city, 3-1-31 Ota, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki 880-0903, KITAICHI co.itd.
  • Shiiba county village, Higashiusuki / Shiiba Village Office, 1747-20 Shimofukura, Shiiba-son, Higashi Usuki-gun, Miyazaki
  • Takachiho-cho / “The Takachiho Gorge”, “the Kunimigaoka hill,” “Siki Mihara Camp Site,” Takachiho town hallShinmoedake (currently unavailable) Takaharu-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, NHK Miyazaki Broadcasting Bureau
  • Toi Misaki Lighthouse, Kushima City / Miyazaki Maritime Safety Agency
  • National Highway in Miyazaki / National Highway Route 10 (Uchiyama District, Yotsuya District), Route
    220 (Iruka Misaki, Miyaura District, Futa District), Miyazaki Office of River and National Highway
  • Surf Spots in Miyazaki / Okuragahama and Kanegahama in Hyuga City, Ikuragahama, Kawaminami-cho, Hitotsuba, Aoshima and Kisakihama in Miyazaki City, Umegahama in Nichinan City, Koigaura in Kushima City, “ii-nami.com”
  • Hyuga City / Sunny weather camera, “isapa home area”
  • Weather in Miyazaki / Miyazaki City Hall, Miyakonojo City, Nichinan City, Nobeoka City, “weathernews”
  • Nichinan City / Sakaya farm potato field, Kyoya Distiller & Brewer Co.,Ltd.
  • Ebino City / Kirishima mountain range seen from Ebino Kogen, Internet Nature Information System
  • Ebino City / Toresa’s Kitchen Garden
  • Ebino City / 743 Kurishita, Ebino City, Miyazaki 889-4221, Nagatani Liquor & Food Store
  • Nishimera-mura / Murajyo Bridge and Yae Valley, Nishimera-mura Village Office
  • Cape Toi Lighthouse / 80-2 Ono, Kushima City, Miyazaki, Miyazaki Maritime Safety Agency
  • Rivers and Roads in Nobeoka / Surveillance camera, Gokase-gawa (River Gokase), Nobeoka River National Highway Office

Miyazaki Prefecture Tourism Information

 The prefectural capital is Miyazaki City. The population of the prefecture is approximately 1.1 million people, and Miyazaki is about 400,000 people. There are rice, tobacco, sweet potato, radish, cucumber, green pepper, and livestock products, such as Miyazaki Jidori (chicken), which the former prefectural gover nor Higashikokubara raised its profile, in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is known as the Kingdom of agriculture and cattle.
 There are specialties, such as Chicken Nanban, Hiyajiru, Gane, etc. and local cuisine, such as “charcoal-grilled chicken,” “Hiyajiru,” “Chicken Nanban.” There are a number of tourism resources, such as Ebino Kogen, Kirishima mountain range, Ikoma Kogen (plateau), Takachiho-kyo (Gorge), Kyomachi Onsen, Heiwadai Park, Aoshima, Sunmesse Nichinan. Including Mt. Karakuni, the highest peak in the range, a 1700m mountain, Kirishima mountain range is made from the volcanic group consisting of large and small 23, such as Takachihonomine (1,574 m), Shinmoedake (1421m) , Ohachi (1408m) . Shinmoedake erupted in 2011 and now it appears to be subsiding, but its volcanic activity is continuing. There are regulations entering the mountains that have ongoing volcanic activities, such as Shinmoedake and Nakadake. Ebino Kogen refers to a basin of 1200m above sea level, including the Kirishima mountain range, and it is the attraction of hiking that is designated as “the Kirishima Yaku National Park”. It is a natural treasure in which there are volcanic lakes such as Fudo Ike, Byakushi Ike, Rokkannon Miike, etc. and Nokaidou, Miyama Kirishima, cosmos, rapeseed blossom are vegetation. Takachiho Gorge is the valley that was made of lava flows of volcanic activity of Mt. Aso that were eroded by Gokasegawa (River Gokase). The Gorge has the cliff that reaches a height of up to 100m and continues 7km, and it is designated as a national scenic spot-natural monument. “Manai no taki (waterfall),” which is chosen as one of the 100 selections of waterfalls in Japan, is a highlight spectacular waterfall flowing from the 17m fall. It is crowded as a tourist attraction and you can also go near the waterfall in a boat, and night lights are up in the summer tourist season. There is the coastline of continuous ripples type of rocks called “Oni no Sentaku Ita (the washboard of demon),” which is designated as a national natural monument. Sunmesse Nichinan is the leisure facilitiy where Moai of Easter Island can be seen despite it is in Japan. There are seven Moai statues of 5.5m body height that were reproduced with the permission of the local Easter  Island.

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