Greetings from the Site Owner, “Fujiyamasan”

Nice to meet you! My name is “Fujiyama-san (Mr. Mount Fuji)”, who operates this live camera site. Please call me “Fujiyamasan.” I, “Fujiyamasan,” was born and raised at the foot of Mount Fuji . In this site, you can view Mount Fuji anytime, anywhere because the site posts a number of live cameras of Mount Fuji. In addition to Mt. Fuji live cams, you’ll see live cameras of various locations in Japan. This web site aims to provide useful information not only Mt. Fuji but other mountains, nature,

Live camera site’s description, “Mount Fuji”

Live camera site’s description, “Mount Fuji” Mr. “Mount Fuji” will introduce a live camera of the “Mount Fuji”. Including the live camera’s own “Mount Fuji”, will introduce a live camera located on the periphery around the Mt. “Mount Fuji” say everyone is interested and if also the hometown of Japanese Japanese. If you can watch anytime, anywhere sacred mountain Fuji, I can not tell you how happy I am. I have been watching every day Mr. Fuji “Fuji”, show us also look completely different time Different place also. Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture from Yamanashi Prefecture, four seasons, the appeal of Mt Fuji in the morning and evening, such as that word can not do. Toko has launched a site share with you when you’re even a little charm of such Mt.

Site management overview

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  • address: Mt. Fuji, Japan
  • related sites: Fujiyama Tourisum Information (Japanese) / Fujiyama Home Garden (Japanese)
  • established: 2012
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