• Various Places in Fukui Prefecture, camera titles, from the top: #1 Mikuni Sunset Beach,  #2, Kuzuryu River, Route 8 Fukui Ohashi, #3 West of the Fukui Station, Onamachi Intersection, #4 Ashiba River, Kida Bridge, #5 Ikeda Town, Ashiba River, Cultural Exchange Center, site title: Fukui Cable Television
  • Echizen Town, camera titles, from the top: #1 Echizen Coast Disaster Camera, #2 Doko Disaster Camera, #3 Yoneno Disaster Camera, address: 13-5-1 Nishi Tanaka, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun, Fukui 916-0192, site title: Echizen Town Office
  • Lesser Panda, Nishiyama Zoo, camera title: Nishiyama Zoo Lesser panda Live Camera, address: Nishiyama Zoo, 3-8-9 Sakura-machi, Sabae-shi, Fukui-ken 916-0027, site title: Sabae City Official Web Site
  • Wakasawada Beach, address: Wakasawada Beach, Wada, Takahama-cho, Oi-gun , Fukui-ken, site title: Wakasa Wada Navi, Wakasa Wada Tourism Association
  • Tsuruga City, camera titles: Tsuruga Live Camera, from the top, 1. Nishiura (Mizushima), 2. Itsuhata, 3. Tsuruga Port, 4. Shono River, 5. RCN, 6. R27 Okayama Intersection, address: Reinan Cable Network CO., LTD, 40-8-1 Kizaki, Tsuruga-shi, Fukui 914-0814, site title: Cable Television Reinan Inc.
  • Tsuruga City, address: Tsuruga City Hall, 2-1-1 Chuo-cho, Tsuruga-shi, Fukui-ken 914-8501, camera title:Landscape from Tsuruga city hall rooftop, site title: Tsuruga City Official Site, web site: Tsuruga City
  • Suishohama Bathing Beach, address: Mihama Commerce and Tourism Division, 25-25 Goichi, Mihama-cho, Mikata-gun, Fukui 919-1192, site title: Wakasa Mihama, the beatiful nature with the blessing of the Sea of Japan, web site: Wakasa Mihama
  • Umeura, Echizen Town, address: 114-91 Umeura, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun, Fukui 916-0311, site title: DIVING CENTER LOG, camera title: Umeura Oceanographic Conditions (Located 30m south from the LOG)
  • Ohi Town, camera titles: Ohi Town Disaster Prevention Camera – 1. Saburi River (Hongo bridge upstream), 2. Saburi River (Hongo Bridge Downstream), 3. Hamakaze Exchange Center, 4. Ohi Middle School, 5.  Kinokonomori (Mushroom Forest), 6. Natasho General Office, 7. Roadside Station Natasho, 8. Near the intersection of Sakamoto Takahama line, address: Ohi Town main office building, 136-1-1 Hongo, Ohi-cho, Ohi-gun, Fukui-ken 919-2111, site title:
  • Rivers in Fukui, site title: Fukui General Information on Rivers and Erosion Control, cameras, from the top: #1 Takeda River, Harumiya Awara City, #2 Sokokui River, Bunkyo 5, Fukui City, #3 Ara River, Katsumi 1, Fukui City, #4 Ashiba River, Terute, Fukui City, #5 Kitsune River, Wakasugi, Fukui City, #6 Ebata River, Ebata-cho, Fukui, #7 Asamizu River, Toribane-cho, Sabae City, #8 Yoshinose River, Iehisa-cho, Echizen City, #9 Hino RIver, Horikawa-cho,
    Echizen City, Click the camera icons in the map.
  • Rivers in Fukui, site title: Fukui Rivers and Roads, camera titles, from the left: #1 Kita River, Takatsuka, Obama City, #2 Hino River, Fukaya, Fukui City, #3 Kuzuryu River, Nakakado, Fukui City, #4 Kuzuryu River, Naruka Ozeki, Fish Waterway, Click the samll camera icons in the map.
  • Roads in Fukui, site title: Road Conditions Live View, camera titles from the top: #1 National Highway Route 8, Akasaki, Tsuruga City, #2 National Highway Route 8, Tai, Tsuruga City, #3 National Highway Route 8, Hikida, Tsuruga City, #4 National Highway Route 161, Hikida, Tsuruga City, #5 National Highway Route 27, Miyake, Wakasa-cho, #6 National Highway Route 27, Sekiya, Takahama-cho
  • Various places in Fukui Prefecture, camera titles: Fukui City Disaster Weather Information – 1. Koshino, 2. Sokobami River (Uesato), 3. Asuwa River (Tsukumo Bridge), 4. Fukui Station, 5. Kitsune River (Wakasugi), 6. Ebata River (Ebata Town), 7. Arakawa River (Katsumi), 8. Miyama, site title: weathernews
  • Roads in Fukui Prefecture, site title: Fukui prefecture’s road information comprehensive site – Road Information Net Fukui

Fukui Prefecture Tourism Information

The Fukui prefectural capital is Fukui City. The population of the prefecture is 800,000. The prefectural flower is narcissus and 3/4 of the prefectural land is forest. In Fukui City there is Ichijodani ruins that Sengoku Daimyo Asakura Yoshikage was based in. “Echizengani (Echizen crab)” and “Koshihikari (variety of rice)” are renowned as specialty products. Koshihikari is now in production all over the country, but it is a breed originally developed by Fukui Prefecture in 1956. Fukui rice is popular as the birthplace of Koshihikari. “Echizen coast”, “Mikatagoko (Mikata five lakes)”, “Tojinbo”, “Eiheiji (temple)”, “Obamanokosatsu (ancient temples in Obama)”, “Awara Onsen” and “Dinosaur Museum” are famous as tourist attractions.
In addition, there are about 55 nuclear power plants throughout the country and 15 of them are located in Fukui Prefecture, and it has become national one agglomerations of nuclear power plants. In Katsuyama City, dinosaur fossils were excavated and Japan’s largest Dinosaur Museum was built. Dinosaur bones and other numerous specimens, dioramas, visual materials are on display in the museum, and it is one of tourism attractions in Fukui Prefecture where more than 500,000 people visit annually.
Tojinbo in Sakai City is a cliff that is designated as a national natural monument. Overlooking the sea from the cliff as many as 25m of height is a masterpiece and you can also look up it from the sea using a pleasure boat. The origin of the name “Tojinbo” is derived from the monk “Tojinbo” who overlaid the evil and was pushed down from the cliff by Magaragakunen because of the tangle of romantic relationship.
Awara Onsen in the city of Awara is a hot spring that continued from 1883. There are accommodations of 15 hotels in the spa town that is visited by one million people a year.
Moreover, it is said that Fukui cannot be told without mentioning Echizen crab and Echizen crab that is caught off the coast Echizen is loved as the king of taste of winter. If you stay at hotels in Fukui, you can almost always see it. Tourists choose Fukui to visit to eat it. Echizen crab grows up in a tough environment and in the terrain that is suitable for the habitat of the crab off the coast of Echizen. It is sweet and delicious.
The local cuisines are “Echizen Oroshi Soba“, which is the boiled buckwheat noodles that are eaten with the soup  stock and grated radish, and “Saba no Heshiko“, which is the preserved food in winter that are pickles of salted mackerel.


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