• Nosappu Cape Lighthouseaddress: Nosappu, Nemuro city, Hokkaido, webmaster: Nemuro Coast Guard Office
  • Nossappu Cape, Northern Museumaddress: 36-6 Nosappu, Nemuro City, Hokkaido 087-0165, Northern Museum House of Nostalsia, webmaster: The Countermeasures Association of Northern Teritorries Problem, Northern Museum is located in the Park Cape of Nostalsia and it is the birthplace of the request movement of return of the northern territories. The museum displays the materials that tell the historical backgrounds of the Northern Territories Problem.
  • Lake Akkeshi and Bekanbeushi Marsh animalsaddress: Akkeshi-cho, Akkeshi-gun, Hokkaido, site title: Internet Nature Information System
  • Shiretoko Peninsula and Rausu Mountainsaddress: 32-1 Rebun-cho, Rausu-cho, Menashi-gun, Hokkaido 086-1834, site title: Internet Nature Information System
  • Shiretoko Peninsulaaddress: 172 Utoro Higashi, Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido 099-4355, site
    title: Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kita Kobushi, camera title: Shiretoko Live Camera, Click the banner “LIVE” at the bottom of the far right of the site.
  • Nakashibetsu Town and Kaiyodaiaddress: 2-22 Maruyama, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido 085-1197, Nakashibetsu Town Office, site title: Nakashibetsu Town, exchange hub of sky and green, camera title: Nakashibetsu-cho Live Camera
  • Asahidake (Mt. Asahi)address: Higashikawa-cho, Kmikawa-gun, Hokkaido, site titel: Asahidake Web View, camera 1: top of Asahidake, camera 2: Asahidake visitor center, camera 3: the suburbs of Higashikawa-cho, camera 4: Kitoshi Forest Park, webmaster: Higashikawa Town
  • Asahidake (Mt. Asahi)address: Higashikawa-cho, Kmikawa-gun, Hokkaido, site title: DAISETSUZAN ASAHIDAKE ROPEWAY, camera title: the curret situation of Asahidake, Asahidake WebCam
  • Daisetsuzan Asahidake (Mt. Asahi)address: Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, site title: Internet Nature Information System
  • VIVA ALPACA FARMaddreas: 3733 Higashimachi, Kenbuchi-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 098-0341, camera title: USTREAM, Click the play button of USTREAM video in the right side of the site.
  • Daisetsuzanaddress: 1-2-1 Kitamachi, Pippu-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 078-0392, site title: Hokkaido Pippu Town, the town of sky and strawberry, camera title: Pippu Web Camera
  • Tokachi-Dake mountain rangeaddress: Shinkukaku, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 071-0233, site title: Lodge Yuzuriha, Biei Town, camera title: Tokachi-Dake Mountain Range from the Lodge Yuzuriha
  • Hills of Zerubu and Atomaddress: Daisan, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 071-0225, In the Hills of Zerubu, you can buy agricultural products and handicrafts and eat in the restaurant. And you can experience buggy in the summer.
  • Biei and Tokachi-Dake mountain rangeaddress: Rubeshibe Dai 2, Biei-cho, Kamikawagun, Hokkaido (Pension Jagadara), site title: Biei Webcam, webmaster: Shinshu Associates
  • Niseko Heliport, Niseko Townaddress: 47 Fujimi, Niseko-cho, Hiruta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1595, web site:
    http://www.town.niseko.lg.jp/english/, Click the photo image of the heliport in the lower right of the site.
  • Mt. Yotei and Roadside Station “Niseko View Plaza”address: 77-10 Motomachi, Niseko-cho, Hiruta-gun, Hokkaido, camera title: Niseko Live Camera, Yoteizan Live View, web site: http://www.niseko-ta.jp/en/
  • Sweet corn fields, Tokachiaddress: Memuro-cho, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido, site title: Japan Canned Co., Ltd., camera title: sweet corn fields in Tokachi, Click the orange camera banner in the top left of the site.

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