Kochi Prefecture Live Cameras

Kochi Prefecture Chubu (Kochi)

Kochi City  |  Nankoku City  |  Tosa City  |  Susaki City  |  Konan City  |  Kami City  |  Motoyama Town  |  Otoyo Town  |  Tosa Town  |  Okawa Village  |  Ino Town  |  Niyodogawa Town  |  Sakawa Town  |  Ochi Town  |  Hidaka Village

    Kochi Prefecture Eastern part (Muroto Cape)

    Muroto City  |  Aki City  |  Toyo Town  |  Nahari Town  |  Tano Town  |  Yasuda Town  |  Kitagawa Village  |  Umaji Village  |  Geisei Village

    Kochi Prefecture Western (Shimizu)

    Sukumo City  |  Tosashimizu City  |  Shimanto City  |  Nakatosa Town  |  Yusuhara Town  |  Tsuno Town  |  Shimanto Town  |  Otsuki Town  |  Mihara Village  |  Kuroshio Town

      All over the prefecture

      • Prefectural rivers / dams  / Takayabu point, Sameura dam , confluence of three rivers, etc. / Japan Water Agency Ikeda General Management Office
      • Rivers in the prefecture / “River monitoring camera installation map (all prefectures)” / Kochi prefecture flood control information system
      • Prefectural National Highway / “Road Camera / Sensor Information” National Highway 197 (Yusuhara Town Nishinogawa, Tsuno Town Nokoshi), National Highway 194 (Shinkanpuzan Tunnel), National Highway 439 (Tsuno Town Yoshino, Ino Town Kochi River), National Highway Route 195 (Monobecho Befu) / Kochi disaster prevention information
      • Prefectural National Highway / “Kochi Road Live Camera” Otoyo Town Hall, National Highway 56, 33, 32, 55, 197, 194, 439, 195, Yutorisuto Park Otoyo / Otoyo Town Hall
      • Rivers in Kochi Prefecture, camera title: Installation map of river surveillance camera (all prefectures), site title: Kochi Prefecture Flood Control Information System
      • National Highways in Kochi Prefecture, camera title: National Route 194, 195, 197, 439, etc., site title: Kochi prefecture road camera sensor information
      • Roads in Kochi Prefecture, camera titles: Kochi Road Live Camera – National Route 32, 33, 55, 56, 194, 195, 197, 439, etc., site title: Otoyo Town Hall

        Kochi Prefecture Tourism Information

        The prefectural capital of Kochi is Kochi City. The population of the prefecture is about 760,000 people. There are famous tourist destinations in Kochi, such as “Shimanto River”, “Muroto Misaki (Cape)”, “Ashizuri Misaki (Cape),” “Ryuga-do (Sinus),” “Shikoku Karst,” “Kochi Castle,” “Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum,” and “the Kuroshio Honjin,” and 5 million tourists visit Kochi each year.

        Fisheries and vegetable production are thriving, and “Tosa Soudagatsuo (Auxis)”, “green peppers”, “tomatoes” are famous. There are local cuisines such as “Katsuo no Tataki (Bonito Seared)” and “Sawachi Ryori (cuisine).”

        Speaking of Kochi Prefecture, anyone reminds “Ryoma Sakamoto,”  and, including him, “Shintaro Nakaoka” and “Hanpeita Takechi,”who were dominating persons in the end of Edo Period, are also familiar in the NHK Taiga Drama, “Ryoma-den.” There is “Sakamoto Ryoma Memoriala” in “Katsurahama” in Kochi Prefecture, where there is a statue of Ryoma looking ahead the sea, and it becomes a typical tourist destination of Kochi Prefecture.

        “Kochi Castle” was fortificated in 1603 by “Kazutoyo Yamauchi” who was given the country of Tosa as a reward of the Battle of Sekigahara by Ieyasu Tokugawa. Thereafter, it was destroyed in the Great Fire of the Edo period, but it still remains after repeated repairs and reconstruction works. The tower of the castle was rebuilt in 1749, it is currently the historical building tower of over 250 years history that was rebuilt at the time. You can overlook the city of Kochi from the tower, so you can see the feelings of the lord of the Warring States Period.

        It is said that “Muroto Misaki (Cape)” is known as a place where Kobo Daishi trained when young, and it is also said that the Daishi who claimed “Kukai” after trained in a cave near the coast called the cave “Mikurodo.” There is the statue of Muroto Youth Daishi that extends to a hight of 21m in the cape, and it is as if Kukai’s youth lookis at Muroto Misaki.”Ashizuri Misaki (Cape)” in Tosashimizu City is the southernmost cape of Kochi Prefecture, and it is said that it is the place where the Kuroshio (Japan Current) surges earliest in Japan.

        There are tourism attractions in the cape, such as the statue and the museum of John Manjiro who had a great influence on the politics of the Edo period, Hakusan Domon and Kongo Fuku-ji Temple. There is a cliff of 80m height in the cape, which became famous in the novel “Ashizuri Misaki,” but there is more than a little negative image under the influence of the novel.

        “The Yoshino River” is, the longest river in Shikoku that headwaters Mt. Irazu that is a mountain of 1,336 m above sea level in the northern part of Kochi Prefecture. It is a class A river of 196km which is more than the 194km river, “Yoshino.” It was selected as one of the one hundred best waters in 1985, and as one of the one hundred Heisei best waters in 2008, and it is said to be the last clear stream of Japan to leave its beauty today.

        “Irazu-yama (Mt. Irazu)” literally means the mountain where you must not enter. It is the origin of the name of the mountain that the Tosa clan prohibited to enter the mountain for environmental protection. Thanks to it, the nature of the mountain that is the source of the River Shimanto is protected, and it creates beautiful clear stream of Shimanto. Various initiatives and efforts for environmental protection has also been conducted around the River Shimanto basin, and the river continues to defend its position as the last clear stream of Japan.


        Kashiwajima Fishing Port Live Camera (Kashiwajima, Otsuki Town, Kochi Prefecture)

        This is a live camera installed at Kashiwajima Fishing Port in Kashiwajima, Otsuki Town, Hata District, Kochi Prefecture...

        Kanpuzan live camera (Kuwaze, Inocho, Kochi Prefecture)

        This is a live camera installed near the Mt. Kanpu trailhead in Kuwase, Inocho, Agawa District, Kochi Prefecture. You ca...

        Shikoku Karst Live Camera (Otado, Yusuhara-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture)

        This is a live camera installed at Himetsurudaira campsite in Otado, Yusuhara-machi, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture. You ...

        Sameura Dam Live Camera (Tai, Tosa, Kochi)

        This is a live camera installed at the upstream and downstream of Sameura Dam in Tai, Tosa Town, Kochi Prefecture, at th...
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