• Mt. Fujiwara, Inabe City, camera title: Mt. Fujiwara Live Camera, address: Inabe City Hall Fujiwara Government Building, 115 Ichiba, Fujiwara-cho, Inabe-shi 511-0592, site title: Inabe City Official Web Site
  • Golf Course, Kuwana City, camera title: Golf Course Live Camera, address: Tokentado Country Club Nagoya, 2692 Kono, Tado-cho, Kuwana-shi, Mie-ken 511-0122, site title: Tokentado Country Club Nagoya
  • Kuwana City, camera title: Ballistic Live Camera, address: WAKEBOARD SHOP BALLISTIC, 1233-3 Nishidomo, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana-shi, Mie-ken 511-1143, site title: WAKEBOARD SHOP BALLISTIC
  • Nagashima Resort, Kuwana City, camera title: Nagashima Resort Live Camera, address: Nagashima Resort, 333 Urayasu, Nagashima-cho, Kuana-shi, Mie-ken 511-1192, site title: Nagashima Resort, Click the small image of the live camera in the bottom of the right side menu.
  • Gozaisho Roapway, Mie-gun, address: Yunoyama Onsen, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie, site title: Gozaisho Roapway Official Website, camera title: Gozaisho Roapway Live Camera, view from the top of Mt. Gozaisho
  • Business Hotel BL Kuana, Kuana City, camera title: Higashimeihan Side and Nagashima Resort Side Cameras, address: Business Hotel BL Kuana, 317 Nukata, Kuwana-shi, Mie 511-0911, Businessl Hotel BL Kuana
  • Daiozaki Lighthouse, Shima City, camera title: view from the Daiozaki lighthouse, address: Toba Coast Guard, 54 Namikiri, Daio-cho, Shima-shi, Mie-ken 517-0603, site title: Toba Coast Guard Office, Japan Coast Guard
  • Matsusaka City, address: the outskirts of Matsusaka City, site title: Matsusaka NOW, camera title: The Present North Sky in Matsusaka City
  • National Route 1, Suzuka Pass, address: Sakashita, Seki-machi, Kameyama City, Mie, site title: Rivers and National Highway Office Mie, camera title: National Route 1 Suzuka Pass Road Condition, Click the road photos in the site.
  • National Route 23 Chusei Bypass, camera title: National Route 23, Chusei Bypass Live Camera, addresss: Mie River and National Highway Office, Hiroaki-cho, Tsu-shi, Mie-ken 514-8502, site title: Mie River and National Highway Office
  • National Route 25,  address: Mie, site title: Hokusei National Highway Office, camera title: Road Condition Images, Click the map divided into 4 sections, A,B, C and D., In each section, click the camera links.
  • National Route 42, camera titles: (1) Nisaka Tunnel Pithead, (2) Higashi Nagashima Gate, (3) Kihoku-cho Binnoyama, (4) Owashi Tunnel Pithead, (5) Yanohama Gate, (6) Yanogawa Tunnel, (7) Maemura, Taki-cho,  (8) Tochihara, Odai-cho, (9) Katsuse, Taiki-cho, (10) Kashiwano, Taiki-cho, (11) Sattazaka, Kumano-shi, (12) Otomari Gate, (13) Shimomise, Odai-cho, (14) Kamimise, Odai-cho, (15) Yanokodomon, address: Mie, site title: Kisei National Highway Office
  • Rivers and Coasts in Mie Prefecture,  camera title: Mie four water type live camera, Kumozu River, Kushida River, Miya River, Suzuka River, River and Coast Live Camera, the Southwest Coast of Ise Bay, address: Yokkichi City, Suzuka City, Kameyama City, Tsu City, Matsusaka City, Taki Gun, Ise City, site title: Mie River National Highway Office
  • Kiso River, camera title: Kisogawa Lower Basin Live Camera, address: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Chubu Regional Development Bureau Kisogawa Downstream River Office, 465 Fukushima, Kuwana-shi, Mie-ken 511-0002, site title: Kisogawa Downstream River Office
  • Ren Dam, Matsusaka City, address: Ren Dam Management Office, 1810-11 Mori, Iitaka-cho, Matsusaka-shi, Mie-ken 515-1615, site title: Ren Dam Management Office, Chubu Regional Development Bureau, Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry, camera titles: from the left, (1) downstream surveillance, (2) Inukai, (3) Tsuzurakuma, (4) Lake Surface Surveillance, (5) Nanokaichi, (6) Tabik
  • Nagara River, Ibi River and Kiso River,  address: Kuana City, Aisai City, Kaizu City, site title: Kiso River Downstream Office, camera titles, from the left, (1) The Confluence of the Ibi River and Tado River, Ibi River rightcoast, Kaminogo, Tado-cho, Kuana City, (2) Sotohama, Nagara River rightcoast, Sotohama, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu City, (3) Tokai Bridge, Kiso River leftcoast, Kyubu-cho, Aisai City, (4) Toka Bridge, Nagara River rightcoast, Akie, Kaizu-cho, Kaizu City
  • Port of Kiinagashima, address: Nagura, Kiinagashima-ku, Kihoku-cho, Mie, site title: East Kishu Hot Net, Kumadoko, camera title: Port of Kiinagashima
  • Akagi Castle, Kumano City, camera title: Akagi Castle Live Camera, address: Akagi Castle Ruins, Akagi, Kiwa-cho, Kumano-shi, Mie-ken 519-5404, site title: Kumano City Official Web Site
  • Sagiri no Sato, Minamimuro-cho, address: 616 Ueno, Ohama-cho, Minamimuro-gun, Mie-ken 519-5322, site title: Higashi Kishu Hot Net, Kumadoko, camera title: Sagiri no Sato
  • Ago Bay, Shima City, address: Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie, site title: Internet Nature Information System, camera title: Ago Bay from Yokoyama, Shima Peninsula
  • Kumanonada, Owase City, address: Owase Coast Guard Owase Port Government Building, 1-29 Hayashi-machi, Owase-shi, Mie-ken 519-3612, Mie, site title: Maritime Information and Communication System, camera title: Image from the Owase Coast Guard Office Hall
  • Bird Park, Yokkaichi City, camera title: Bird Sanctuary Live Camera, address: “Bird Sanctuary,” Ajinomoto Tokai Office, 1730 Hinaga, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie-ken 510-0885,  site title: The Ajinomoto Co., Ltd.
  • Yokkaichi City, camera title: CTY Information Camera, address: CTY.,Ltd., 8-2 Honmachi, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie-ken 510-0093, site title: CTY-Online NET
  • Iga City, camera title: I.C.T Live Camera, address:  Igaueno Cable Television, 2332 Minami-machi, Midorigaoka, Iga-shi, Mie-ken 518-0835, site title: Igaueno Cable Television
  • Mie Prefectural Government Office, Tsu City, camera title: Governor’s Office LIVE Relay, address: Mie Prefectural Government, 13 Hiroaki-cho, Tsu-shi, Mie-ken 514-0006, site title: Mie Prefecture
  • Mie University, Tsu City, camera title: Mie University Live Camera, address: Graduate School of Bioresources, Mie University, 1577 Kuriyamachiya-cho, Tsu-shi, Mie-ken 514-8507, site title: Mie University Live Camera (Public Version)
  • Fixed point camera in Tsu City, address: Phoenix Medical Center, 5-3 Otobe, Tsu-shi, Mie, site title: USTREAM
  • Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka City, camera title: Suzuka Circuit, address: Suzuka Circuit, 7992 Ino-cho, Suzuka-shi, Mie 510-0295,  site title: Suzuka Circuit
  • Ohsugidani, Taki-gun, camera title: Ohsugidani Live Camera, address: Ohsugidani Tozan Center, 140-40 Ohsugi, Odai-cho, Taki-gun, Mie-ken 519-2634, site title: Ohsugidani Tozan Center
  • Owase Port, Owase City, camera title: Image from the Owase Coast Guard Office Hall, address: Owase Coast Guard Owase Port Government Building, 1-29 Hayashi-machi, Owase-shi, Mie-ken 519-3612, site title: Japan Coast Guard
  • Asama mountaintop observatory, Ise City, camera title: Asama mountaintop observatory live camera, address: Asama mountaintop observatory, 185 Asama-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken 516-0021, site title: Iseshima Skyline, sky driveway from Ise to Shima
  • Mt. Kirara, Yokkaichi City, camera title: Kiraramine Live Camera Image, address: Suizawa Elementary School, 2491 Suizawa-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie-ken 512-1105, site title: Kirara Communication, Suizawa Elementary School
  • Ise City, camera title: Ise City Web Cam, address: Ise City, site title:  Rakuraku Ise Moude, the official Ise City travel information webpage
  • Toba City, camera title: Image from Toba Coast Guard Office Hall, address: Toba Coast Guard Office, Toba Transportation General Building 3rd Floor, 1-2383-28 Toba, Toba-shi, Mie-ken 517-0011, site title: Toba Coast Guard

Mie Prefecture Tourism Information

The Prefectural capital is Tsu City. The population of the prefecture is about 1.8 million people and the population of Tsu is about 280,000 people. The prefectural land is 180 km from north to south and 108 km from east to west, and it is divided into five regions, Hokusei, Iga, Chusei, Nansei and East Kishu. “Isejingu”, “Kumano Kodo” and “Suzuka Circuit” are famous as tourism attractions. There are also theme parks, “Nagashima Spa Land”, “Shima Spain  Village” and “Iga-ryu Ninja Museum”.
Among them, “Ise Jingu (Shrine)” is the tourist destination that represents Mie Prefecture, and more than five million tourists visite there each year. It has deep ties with the Imperial Court because of the fact that Amaterasu Oomikamiyou is an enshrined deity of the inner sanctuary, and in the Edo era Ise Shrine was visited by worshipers from all over the country regardless of the identity as “Oisemairi (a pilgrimage to Ise Shrine).” There are two main shrines in the Ise Shrine, and the inner shrine enshrines Amateras Oomikami and the outer shrine enshrines
Toyoukeno Oomikami, the god of food and grains.
“Kumano Kodo” is the mountainous road that was established in order to pilgrimage to the Kumano Sanzan (Kumano Three Shrines), Kumano Hongu Taisha, Kumano Hayatama Taisha and Kumano Nachi Taisha, and the road was registered as a World Cultural Heritage as “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”. Kumano three shrines have been worshiped as a place of mountain training and the Holy Land of faith since ancient times and has accepted many worshipers. “Kumano Kodo” developed as road of pilgrimage, and there are still cobbled streets of those days even now.
“Suzuka Circuit” in Suzuka City is an international racing course representing Japan, which was built by Honda in 1962. F1 Japan Grand Prix and Suzuka 8 Hours were held, and it is said to be the center of Japan’s motor sport.
There is the Mikimoto Pearl Island in Toba City, and there is the Museum and Memorial of Mikimoto Kokichi, who was successful in farming the world’s first pearl. It is also known as only place in Japan where women divers perform demonstrations of fishing, and more than 20 million tourists visit annually. Ago Bay is the rias of Ise Peninsula and there are about 50 islands in the bay, and cultured pearls is flourishing from the old days.
The specialty products of Mie Prefecture are Akafuku, Ise tea, rice, oranges, Matsusaka beef, Ise shrimp and pearl. Also, there are local cuisines such as “Ise Udon”, thick soft noodles soaked in the sauce that is made of Tamari soy sauce and soup stock, and “Tekono-zushi (kneded Sushi)”, a kind of Chirashi-zushi, in which lean fish such as bonito
and tuna that is dipped in sauce is combined with sushi rice.


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