• Tokyo Sky Tree, Taito-ku (not in operation now, past images only), address: Keisei Sankopo Asakusa, 1-5-14, Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0035, site title: Tokyo Sky Tree Live Camera, Fixed Point Observation from Asakusa Area
  • Tokyo Sky Tree, Taito-ku (not in operation now, past images only), address: Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, site title: Ustream, camera title: Sky Tree Live
  • Tokyo Sky Tree, Katsushika-ku (not in operation now, past images only), address: Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, site title: USTREAM, camera title: TOKYO, SKY TREE (KATSUSHIKA)
  • Asia University, Musashino City, address: Sakai, Musashino City, Tokyo, camera title: Asia University Live Cam, site title: Asia University
  • Tokyo Keizai University, Kokubunji City, camera title: Tokyo Keizai University Kokubunji Campus Live Camera, address: Tokyo Keizai University Kokubunji Campus, 1-7-34 Minami-machi, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo 185-002, site title: Tokyo Keizai University
  • Tokyo Tower, Minato-ku, camera title: The Sky of Tokyo, site title: USTREAM (cannot be played in Chrome, can be played in IE)
  • Tokyo Tower, Minato-ku, address: NTT LEARNING SYSTEMS CORPORATION, Urbannet Azabu Building, 1-6-15 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, camera title: real time TOKYO, the view of Tokyo from the NTT MEDIA LAB, site title: NTTLS
  • Sensoji Hozomon, Asakusa, Taito-ku, camera title: ASAKUSA Live Camera from the rooftop of ASAKUSA NAKAYA, address: Asakusanakaya, 2-2-12 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032, site title: You Tube
  • Kuramaehashi-dori, Taito-ku, camera title: MOBOTIX Live Camera, view from the roof the VSO building, site title: VSO, Visual System Osada Co., Ltd., address: Visual System Osada, Kuramaehashidori, 3F Naganuma Building, 1-17-12 Misuji, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0055
  • Mita, Minato-ku, camera title: Minato-ku Mita Live Camera, address: Judicial scrivener Yamoto Konomu Office, Yumiwamita Bisidence 8F, 3-2-1 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, site title: Judicial scrivener Yamoto Konomu Office
  • Tokyo Monorail, Minato-ku, address: Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, site title: Tokyo Monorail Co., LTD., camera title: the live webcam, site title: TOKYO MONORAIL CO., LTD., Click the blue banner in the middle of the site below the two photos of Mt. Fuji and monorail, which says, “Click here to the live webcam.”
  • Daiba, Minato-ku, camera title: Odaiba Live Camera, address: Daiba, Minato-ku, site title: Odaiba-Papa
  • Sky Tower West Tokyo, Nishitokyo Cityaddress: Sky Tower Nishitokyo, 5-8-2 Shibakubo-cho, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo 188-0014, site title: SKY TOWER WEST TOKYO, Click the skyblue banner below the changing photo image in the right middle of the site.
  • JR Chuo Line, Chiyoda-ku, camera title: JR Chuo Line toward Yasukuni Street, address: GALE Co.,ltd, TOHAN Sudamachi Building 6F, 2-2-7 Kandasuda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Toyo 101-0041, site title: GALE Co., ltd
  • Chiyoda-ku, camera title: Chiyoda ward office rooftop high altitude camera, address: Chiyoda Ward Office, 1-2-1 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074, site title: Chiyoda Ward Office
  • Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-kuaddress: Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, site title: Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., camera title: (1) video view from the top and (2) the live footage of the square floor Lb, Swith the cameras, clicking the Japanese link in the lower right.
  • Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, camera title: Marunouchi area live camera, address: General Owned Community Planning Association of Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho Areas, Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, site title: The Council for Area Development and Management of Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho
  • Akihabara, Chiyoda-ku, camera title: Akiba (Akihabara, Tokyo Japan) live camera, address: 5-chome, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, site title: You Tube
  • Akihabara, Chiyoda-kuaddress: Aisan Electric Co.,Ltd., Aisan Building, 1-12-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, camera title: view from Aisan Denki Building in Akihabara, site title: USTREAM
  • Harajuku, Shibuya-ku, camera title: Harajuku Live Camera, address: Angel Force Inc., 1002 Jingumae City Tower, 2-32-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, site title: harajuku24
  • Shibuya Sation, Shibuya-kucamera title: Scramble Crossing in Shibuya Station Live Camera, address: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, site title:
  • Shibuya Koen-dori, Shibuya-ku, camera title: SHIBUYA KOEN-DORI Live Camera, address: Shibuya Koen-dori shopping district promotion association, 1-9-4 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041, site title: SHIBUYA KOEN-DORI
  • Shibuya Koen-dori, Shibuya-ku, camera title: Koendori Shopping District Marui Web Camera, site title: You Tube
  • Omotesando, Shibuya-ku, address: Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, site title: USTREAM, camera title: Omotesando SE @ YouCha, view from the Cafe, “YouCha”
  • Shibuya-ku, camera title: Tokyu Hands Shibuya Store Live Camera, address:  ifo TOKYU HANDS SHIBUYA, Inogashira Street, UDAGAWA-Cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Shakujii River, Shirako River and Shingashi River, camera title: Itabashi-ku Meteorological Observation System River image information, address: Itabashi City Office, 2-66-1 Itabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0004, site title: Itabashi City Office
  • Weather Disaster Prevention, Nakano-ku, address: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, site title: Nakano City Weather Disaster Prevention Information, Click the images in the map. view of water levels of the river
  • An Intersection, Hachioji City, camera title: Hachioji City Mejirodai 1-chome Intersection Live Camera, address: Mejirodai, Hachioji City, Tokyo, site title: Hachioji Reform Maeda Juken
  • Soka University, Hachioji City, camera title: Soka University Campus Web Camera, address: Soka University, 1-1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-8577, site title: Soka University
  • Mt. Takao, Hachioji City, address: Takao-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo, site title: The Seasons of Mt. Takao, Click the image in the log house in the site.
  • Mt. Takao, Hachioji City, camera title: Mt. Takao from Takahashiya, address: Takaosan Takahashiya, 2209 Takao-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 193-0844, site title: Takaosan  Sobaza Takahashiya
  • Machida City, camera title: Denka no Yamaguchi LIVE, address: Denka no Yamaguchi, 1-13-5 Negishi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0038, site title: Denka no Yamaguchi
  • Tengu Waterfall, Hinohara Village, camera title: Tengu Waterfall Live Camera, address: Hinohara-mura, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
  • Haraizawa Waterfall, Hinohara Village, Nishitama-gun, camera title: Haraizawa Waterfall Live Camera, address: Motoshuku, Hinohara-mura, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo, site title: Hinohara Village Official Web Site
  • Meguro River, Meguro-ku, address: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, view of water level for disaster prevention, the right camera in the map : District Boundary (The Lower Reaches of Taiko Bridge), the left camera : Confluence (Upperstream Horai Bridge), site title: Meguro disaster prevention weather information
  • Promenade along the Meguro River, Nakameguro, camera title: Nakameguro Cherry Blossom Trees Fixed Point Camera, address: Promenade along the Meguro River, Meguro-ku, site title: USTREAM
  • Rikugien, Bunkyo-ku, camera title: Rikugien Live Camera, the top camera: Weeping Cherry, the lower camera: Sinsen-tei (meeting place and cafe), address: Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, stite title: “Rikugi-en,” special scenic spot designated by the national government
  • Arakawa River, camera title: Arakawa water level · rainfall · live image, address: Arakawa-karyu River Office, 5-chome Shimo, Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0042, site title: Arakawa-karyu (downstream) River Office
  • Motorcycle Parking in Tokyocamera title: Parking Live Camera Installed, address: various locations in Tokyo, site title: Tokyo Metropolitan Public Corporation for Road Improvement and Management
  • Habuseura, Niijimacamera title: Habushiura LIVE CAMERA, Click the banner of the picture of the sea at the bottom of the site, address: Honson, Niijima-mura, Tokyo, site title: NIIJIMA
  • Haneda Airport Parking, Ota-ku, camera title: Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport Parking, four cameras, from the left, camera 1: P2 Parking Entrance, camera 2: P2 Parking Roof, camera 3: P3 Parking Entrance, camera 4: P3 Parking Roof, address: Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, camera title: JAL Weather Information – Tokyo International Airport, Haneda, address:  Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041, site title: Japan Airlines
  • Chichi-jima and Haha-jima, Ogasawara Village, address: Chichi-jima and Haha-jima, Ogasawara-mura, Tokyo, site title: Ogasawara-mura (village), camera title: (1) Chichi-jima Harbor and (2) Haha-jima Harbor, Click the two Japanese camera links with the red arrows.

Tokyo Tourism Information

Facing the Tokyo Bay of the Kanto Plain, Tokyo is in contact with Kanagawa Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture, and has jurisdiction over the Izu Islands, such as Japan’s southernmost Okinotorishima, Minamitorishima of Ogasawara and Hachijo-jima Island. The area of Tokyo is ​​2,188 square km and its forest area is about 36% of the entire area, but the agricultural land of the capital area is the lowest in the nation. The population of Tokyo is about 13 million people and its population density is about 6,000 / sq. Km and the national first place.

Tokyo consists of the former “Musashi Province”, “Shimousa Province” and a part of “Izu Province,” and it was once dominated by Hojo family of Sagami Province, went through the Odawara conquest of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and it became the center of Japanese politics since Tokugawa Ieyasu opened the Edo shogunate.

After World War II, more centralization of the economy progressed, and Tokyo total production in 2009 accounted for about 85 trillion yen and about 17 percent of gross domestic product, and it is one of the leading economic cities in the world. In the Edo period, shogunate institutions and various mansions of the clans in the nation stood in a row in the town of Edo, and the town of Edo with the population of more than 1 million people, had been developed as a worldwide big city.

There were the Capitulation of Edo Castle in 1863, Imperial Palace transfer of Emperor Meiji in 1869 and the abolishment of the domain system in 1871, and the town of Edo became the capital as Tokyo. In 1967 its population exceeded 10 million people, and it is functions as a center of politics and economy. Tokyo is overconcentration, urbanization is rapidly progressing, population density is so high, but there are many attractions to feel nature, history, civilization and culture in Tokyo, The number of tourists is the national first place.

There are a number of tourist destinations in Tokyo, and there are the places where you can feel the nature, such as UenoImperial Park, Sumid Park, cherry of Shinjuku Imperial garden, field mustard of Hamarikyu park, Imperial Palace East Gardens, azalea of Nezu Shrine, the country special scenic spot “Rikugien” of stroll Tsukiyama fountain.

In addition, there are tourist spots such as Tokyo Tower, Ueno Zoo, Kaminarimon, Senso-ji Temple, Ameyoko shopping street, Fuji TV, Tokyo Midtown, Shibuya Hikarie, Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hills, and Tokyo Sky Tree.

The local cuisines are “Fukagawa-don,” a bowl of rice in the miso soup of clams, green onions and deep-fried tofu, “Kusaya,” the dried fish of mackerel scad, flying fish, common dolphinfish, which is made by attaching the fermentation liquor referred to as the “Kusayaeki” and “Monjayaki,” the pancakes that is made by dissolving the flour with a lot of water to make the dough that is seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and by baking in the iron plate to put the ingredients such as cabbage, Agedama (bits of fried tempura batter), cut squid, and so on.


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