Nara Prefecture Live Cameras

Nara Prefecture Northern part (Nara)

Nara City  |  Yamatotakada City  |  Yamatokoriyama City  |  Tenri City  |  Kashihara City  |  Sakurai City  |  Gojo City  |  Gose City  |  Ikoma City  |  Kashiba City  |  Katsuragi City  |  Uda City  |  Yamazoe Village  |  Heguri Town  |  Sango Town  |  Ikaruga Town  |  Ando Town  |  Kawanishi Town  |  Miyake Town  |  Tawaramoto Town  |  Takatori Town  |  Asuka Village  |  Kanmaki Town  |  Oji Town  |  Koryo Town  |  Kawai Town  |  Yoshino Town  |  Oyodo Town  |  Shimoichi Town

Nara Prefecture Southern (Kazeya)

Soni Village  |  Mitsue Village  |  Kurotaki Village  |  Tenkawa Village  |  Nosekawa Village  |  Totsukawa Village  |  Shimokitayama Village  |  Kamikitayama Village  |   Kawakami Village  |  Higashiyoshino Village

    All over the prefecture

    • Yoshinoyama | Yoshinoyama, Yoshino, Yoshino District, Nara | Internet Nature Institute
    • Mt. Kongo | Kunimi Castle Ruins, Takama, Gose City, Nara Prefecture | Kongo Renseikai
    • Nara Park Wakakusayama | 723-11 Kitanoshocho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 630-8451 Hattori Taxi Co., Ltd. | NaLIVE
    • Kinpusenji Temple |  Kinpusenji Temple, 2498 Yoshinoyama, Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara 639-3115
    • Akitsuno Ono Park | Akitsuno Ono Park, Nishikawa, Kawakami-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara 639-3542 | Osaka Institute of Technology
    • Gorogo Chaya | Gogoro Chaya, 686-139 Dorogawa, Tenkawa Village, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture 638-0431 | Tenkawa Village Office
    • Yamato River | Yamato River Office, Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    • Prefectural National Highway  | Meihan National Highway / Keinawa Expressway Live Camera Video | Nara National Highway Office

      Nara Prefecture Tourism Information

      The prefectural capital of Nara is Nara City. The prefectural population is about 1.4 million people and the population of Nara City is about 360,000 people. Nara Basin of northwest province is about only 8% of the prefectural land, it is the dense region where about 90% of the population lives. The south of the Yoshino River is called Yoshino southern mountains, and it is famous as much forest, Yoshino cedar locality.

      Once referred to as the Yamato Province, and it is the land that Yamato Court originated. Fujiwara-kyo (Fujiwara Capital) in Kashihara city and Heijo-kyo (Heijo Capital) in Nara city were the former centers of politics . There are many cultural assets such as temples and shrines, and Nara is the prefecture with the most National Treasure buildings in Japan such as Todai-ji Temple, Kasuga Shrine and Toshodai-ji Temple.

      In addition, Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area, Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara and Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range have been registered as world cultural heritages. It is famous in the world as an ancient city along with Kyoto, in 2010 it was visited by tourists of about 44 million people.

      The prefectural specialties are strawberries, watermelon, persimmon, tea, Narazuke, goldfish and Yoshino cedar. The local cuisines include Kakinoha-zushi (persimmon leaves sushi), pressed sushi rice with fillets of fish wrapped in persimmon leaves, and Miwa Somen, purified noodles of stretched thin flour by hand total.

      Todai-ji Temple in Nara city is the temple that was built by Emperor Shomu in the 8th century first half, and Todaiji Rushana-butsuzou, which is called the Great Buddha of Nara in general, is famous. The height of the Great Buddha is about 15m, width about 20m, the size of the face is also more than 5m, and it was burned twice, the current Buddha Statue is the statue that was revived in the Edo era.


      Yoshinoyama Live Camera (Yoshinoyama, Yoshino, Yoshino District, Nara)

      This is a live camera of Yoshino cherry blossoms and the cityscape installed at Yoshinosanjo Senbon in Yoshinoyama, Yosh...

      Takano Tsuji Rest Area Sea of Clouds Scenic Spot Live Camera (Nosegawa, Yoshino District, Nara)

      This is a live camera installed at the Takano Tsuji rest area at the three-way intersection of the village road Kamikoya...

      Katsuragi Kogen Lodge Mt. Katsuragi mountaintop live camera (Kushira, Gose City, Nara Prefecture)

      This is a live camera installed at Katsuragi Kogen Lodge in Kushira, Gose City, Nara Prefecture. You can see the summit ...

      Mt. Kongo live camera (Takama, Gose, Nara)

      This is a live camera installed at the Kunimi Castle ruins on Mt. Kongo in Takama, Gose City, Nara Prefecture. You can v...

      Gorogo Chaya Live Camera (Dorogawa, Tenkawa Village, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture)

      This is a live camera installed at Gorogoro Chaya in Dorogawa, Tenkawa Village, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture. You c...

      Nara Park Wakakusayama Live Camera (Kitanosho Town, Nara City, Nara Prefecture)

      This is a live camera installed on the roof of the Hattori Taxi headquarters in Kitanosho-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefectur...
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